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he walkway got ripped up in May 2006 when I was building the new front deck. The previous owner put flagstones on the old concrete slab walkway and used cement to hold them down. I'm not sure if he didn't mix the cement correctly or if it was age or salt use in the Winter but every Spring I had to reattach a few of the flagstones which is not easy task and it would always fall apart the next year. My idea was to build a more permenant solution so I first replaced the steps with granite stones. In April 2007. I demolished the old concrete slab walkway with a jackhammer. It was quick work and I got rid the the 4x25 foot length in one hour. For the walkway, I am going with red brick pavers. All the materials are impervious to salt.


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Start date of construction: 4/28/2006
Completion date: 5/4/2006

Update - August 2011 - By 2010, I started to have issues with the walkway. Mainly where the walkway meets the steps that go down to the driveway. Back in 2007, I needed a way to retain the walkway where it descends around the steps so I used so pieces of 6x6 pressure treated wood with spikes to hold it in place. It wasn't the best solution because the wood ended up moving enough for the dirt under the walkway to erode. A chipmunck managed to get underneath the walkway and make lots of tunnels for his new 'home'. So in 2011, I decided to remove 3 feet of bricks near the stairs and put in stone retaining walls. The cost for this new work ended up being about$900 ($600 for stones, $300 for railing(w/S&H) and $50 for plants.) The handrail came from www.zottolafab.com who were great in helping me custom make it to fit my exact needs.